My Phoenix Dragon Part: 2

Ok so I left off with stuffing the tail. I did indeed go yesterday and get cotton. Thank goodness because it was on sale. Yay!

For the rest of this you will need:
Exacto knife/scissors
Pipe cleaner
Chalk/fabric pen
White felt for horns (2 pieces)
Felt pieces in whatever colors or color you want for scales (about 3 pieces or more for older children)
Ruler (optional)
Big boggle eyes (Google eyes)
Fabric glue or hot glue gun
Sewing machine or thread and needle

I finished stuffing the tail then sewn the end. This will make it easier to sew onto the sweat pants. Take your exacto knife or scissors and cut between the two lines you made on the back of the pants.


Like his little blue undies lol. Stick the tail in the hole that you made and pin it. Now sew from the inside to close it up attaching the tail to the pants. Go ahead and have your little one try the pants on and have fun with it lol :).



Phoenix was excited that he could wage his tail. He actually whacked his sister in the face with it hahahaha.

Go ahead and put the hoodie on your child and use your chalk and mark where you would like to have the scales, horns, eyes, and optional whiskers. Should look something like this.





Take your felt square and fold in half. You can do this part free handed or with a ruler, I used a ruler. I took my ruler and used my chalk to draw two triangles. Cut out, this will make three sets of triangles. These will be your scales. Make sure the triangles that are attached are even with one another and cut along the bottom through the middle to make two triangles. Make sure to repeat with the rest.

Go ahead and sew together leaving the bottom open again so you can flip it. (Make sure the right sides are together).





After sewing all the scales and flipping them right side out, go ahead and stuff with cotton. When all are stuffed sew along the bottom, just like the tail. I had help with the stuffing :).





My boys got in on the cotton fun as well.


Now just like the sweatpants you do the same on the hoodie. Cut with exacto knife or scissors and place the scale in. Pin and sew from the inside of the hoodie. Repeat till you have as many as you want on there.


Yes that’s me trying it on while my husband takes the picture lol. My son was in bed. Here is where the white felt comes in. Go ahead and fold both pieces and draw a horn on each then cut out. Sew and repeat like scales. Cut the top line one each side of hood of the hoodie. Like so.


Go ahead and pin and sew. After you are done grab your google eyes and grab either your fabric glue or hot glue gun. I did the hot glue because it dries faster. Now onto the whiskers!! You can do this two ways you can just cut a little hole and glue the pipe cleaner in there or you can use some extra felt glue the pipe cleaner and gently roll once then glue again roll one more time; trim excess. Stick your glue in each end and stick together; trim excess then glue them in hoodie.

NOTE: I found the whiskers were too long for my liking and trimmed them. It is up to you if you want them short or long :).





Now I decided at the last min to add scales to the tail as well after everything was done. I am glad I did because it looks complete :). I have a happy Phoenix Dragon 😉





My Phoenix Dragon: Part 1

I feel so accomplished today. My boys went to a friends house to watch the Packer game (we won!!) while I was left home alone. You heard right I was home alone. It happens very rarely but on the plus side, I cleaned for four hours!!! Mind you it still seems like I didn’t make a dent lol. My husband noticed though so that’s a plus :). Then I took a little break to eat, but that break didn’t last long and I was back to work. This time on Halloween costumes.

Over the weekend we went and bought a black zip up hoodie and black sweat pants for phoenix to start his dragon. We also bought tulle for Cailets mermaid tail, red & black fabric dye for my Harley Quinn jacket. Which I got at goodwill for like $4.00!

So let’s begin on Phoenix’s tail. You will need : About a yard of felt
Cotton stuffing
Fabric pencil/chalk
Body measuring tape

Take your body measuring tape and measure from the top of his/her bottom or hip to the crotch area. Mark with chalk or fabric pencil.


Our measurement was 5 inches but I’m always cautious so I added 2 inches. I had 2 yards of felt and folded it in half. Take your tape and measure from hip all the way to the floor. I got 21 inches. It is up to you how wide you want your tail. I did 4 inches wide. Measure and draw that into the felt. Then from there measure down and mark by using the hip to floor (ours is 21 inches). Make sure that line is 4 inches wide also. Then free hand draw your tail with chalk. Cut out through both layers of felt making two pieces.


Go ahead and sew all the way around leaving the top open to flip right side out. When you are done sewing go ahead and put your hand in grab the tail a little and pull pulling it right side out. Now go and grab your cotton and start filling it up nice and firm. I had help with this part :).


Should look like this.


Now I was going to move onto sewing it onto the sweat pants but I ran out of cotton and the craft stores were closed :(.

I hope I did not confuse you. If I did I apologize it’s been a long day lol. Please feel free to ask me anything and I will help as much as possible. Tomorrow we will move on to scales!

Harley Quinn & The Little Mermaid Tail

I got some of my costume done and plan to finish over the next two weeks. As I do that I am also doing Cailet and Phoenix’s costume. Cailet is going as the little mermaid and Phoenix a colorful dragon! Here is what I got and where I found my help 🙂





Here is where I got the tutorial for my belt and bustle for my costume. Go and check it out her website and Cosplay is awesome!! I am not done with my bustle yet but I will show you when I get it done :).


Here is the tutorial for Cailets mermaid costume. So far only the tail has gotten done. I thought I had tulle around the house but I don’t and intend to buy some tomorrow to finish the bottom. I am also ordering a flesh tone leotard for her to finish the top so it won’t be here for another week.

That’s all I got in this fast crazy life of ours. I am trying to learn how to coupon as well so I can save money for us as we are low on funds. Always at this time of year we live almost pay check to pay check. I am trying new things, participating in surveys to help gather gift cards to help with the holiday season coming. We did end up buying the two oldest boys costumes today as Target had buy one get one free and couldn’t pass that up!! One is batman and the other is wolverine!! Cannot wait to see them dressed up.

I hope to catch up on this blog and create more interesting things for all of you to see and I am trying hard so bare with me. I hope to show you al tomorrow the progress on Phoenix’s costume. God bless.

Working Hard For Halloween

Just letting you all know I did not forget about the blog. In fact I am working on costumes for the family!! I got Cailet’s mermaid tail almost done and my Harley Quinn bustle in the works as well. The boys costumes don’t take as long so I am doing just ours right now then I will move on to the boys costumes.

So just hang tight! Got lots to show you soon!!

Fall Themed Nails & A Ninja Turtles Cake

I love the smell of the air in autumn and the changing of the leaves. It puts me in the mood for apples, pumpkins, and to paint my nails :). The deep plums and the vibrant red/oranges puts me in a calming mood. So I decided to paint my nails with the changing season, and since I don’t have a deep plum or black cherry I decided to go with a wine color. To make the nails more festive I paired the wine color with multiple colored sparkles ( gold, silver, and blue). Here is how they turned out.


Do you like??? I think they turned out well. Hoping to go today and get some new polishes for the toenails ;).

The next thing I am excited to show you is the ninja turtles cake I was working on. It is a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and fondant. For their heads I did cake pop mix and shaped them. Then I mixed up some white chocolate and colored it green and dipped the heads. For the pizza slices I used gummy candy that already looked like pizza slices that I found at woodmans for 99 cents! Here take a look at the finished product.






Life is good right now! Feeling like things are falling back into place.

Please share with me your autumn nails and share the colors you used :). I hope to see you all soon.

Serious Routine Problems

Hello all long time no chat! This school year so far is hectic. So hectic that is one of the main reasons that I haven’t had much time to do the blog or crafts. Is it sad that I’m finally starting my costume this weekend??? I was suppose to do it almost 3 weekends ago lol.

Tomorrow I start baking. I am making a ninja turtles cake. It’s been a while since I made a dolled up cake so we will see how it goes :). Also thinking that I should paint my nails tonight and show them off tomorrow on here. Oh and I am taking pictures step by step with my cake as well to share but that probably will not be up until Saturday or Sunday.

Let me tell yA I am feeling so out of touch lately with everything. With trying to get a routine going here at home with trying to fit in time for crafts and some little me time as well. It’s not working lol. Seems like we are never home because one has ballet, one has cub scouts, and the other has cross country. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but it definitely takes a toll. My youngest goes to p4j so I am driving a total of 3 times a day back and forth to school. Once in the morning two schools then once in the afternoon for Phoenix then back in the afternoon after school.

Well I will get with it soon. It is getting better and better day after day :). So I am hoping to put more blog entries in cross my fingers.

See you guys very soon.

Fall Already?! What!!!

It’s that time again, apples, pumpkins, cinnamon, and the beautiful scenery. Fall is coming and I am excited!! It is my favorite season. This year I have decided to make my family costumes. Raine is going as batman, Christian is going as the hulk, Zaeden is going as a knight, Cailet is the little mermaid, Phoenix wants to be toothless the dragon, I decided I want to be a steampunk Harley Quinn , and last but not least my husband is going as the joker.

My costume and Cailets costume require the most sewing. I will be starting this huge project this weekend!! I am really excited. This is where my sewing skills will be put to the test. I just started using a sewing machine again after many years and it feels great almost natural. I also got told if my costume skills turn out to be a success I will have great opportunities. So that in itself is awesome news!

I cannot wait for the trips to the pumpkin patch and apple orchid. I am also the type if person that loves pumpkin flavored everything. I took my baking back up part time to make a extra little money so I will be sharing my creations and comments with you. I also apologize at how slow things have been recently. Now that the kids are in school I have a great routine. In the near future there will be recipes and hairdos oh and I will show you the sailor moon nail stickers that I got from Ayaka. It’s always nice to receive nice gifts from Japan💖.

So my questions for you is: Are you excited for Halloween?? What will you and your family dress up like this year??? Will you be making or buying the costumes???

I hope to hear from all if you 😊.

Building a castle part : 3

I have to say I am very sorry for not doing this sooner and was held up in motherly duties.

Now what we did with the last part was use paper mâché to cover the castle to make it stronger. The reason I did this was because the 4 year old I have is a little rough while playing (typical boy ).

Here is the recipe I used:


All we have to do now is paint it!! I will show pictures tomorrow of the painted castle!

Yet again I am very sorry for the delay.